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Please read before submitting a bug fix request:

This microsite is intended as a digital program for the Critical Mass 2017 exhibition only and will only include content and artist information relevant to this exhibition.

The team at Lightning Jar has offered to build this website in exchange for being listed as an event sponsor.  Please be aware they have a limited number of hours allocated for fixing bugs and content issues on this site.  All of those hours are allocated in the month of November 2017.  

Please use the form below to submit microsite bugs or content change requests to the webmaster.  Only requests coming from the management of the Millworks, members of the Critical Mass volunteer committee, event sponsors or exhibiting artists included in the show will be looked at.

Please Note: 

• Do not send bug requests or copy change requests by email, text, messenger or any other way than this form or they will not be addressed.  

• Do not send bug requests or copy change requests to Millworks management or other committee members or they will not be addressed.

• New content for artist bios will not be added after Nov. 15th

• Bug fixes that are not submitted in advance of Nov. 20th will also not be addressed

• Entering a request doesn't necessarily mean it will be addressed, but we will look at the issue and respond with a comment.  At any time you can check the status of a bug by looking at this spreadsheet

• This is not where you submit new bio information. Artists needing to submit bio information should go here. Updates will not be supported after Nov. 20 2017

Final updates to the site will be made on or before Nov. 25 2017


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Kevin Peckham 

Benevolent Overlord of All Things Digital at Hausmann Millworks:

Erik Hausmann