Maura Fowler

Ceramic sculpture


artist bio

I explore the precariousness of life, memory, history and art. Much like a natural historian I recapitulate the journey of discovery with every object of curiosity and attempt to prevent that loss of somatic knowledge by containing and defining. Through clay I can create a visual lexicon of my personal, ritualistic collection of ephemera.


Q & A


Where are you from, originally?

Lubbock, Texas.


What is the story of you how you came to be where you are today in your art?

My mother and a few of her friends took a local pottery class when I was 7 years old. She taught me how to throw on the wheel and always encouraged me to pursue ceramics.

I realized around 14 years old that the most efficient way to express my quirky, humorous, and at times misunderstood personality was through the art classes I took in middle school. Art has always been a therapeutic release.

I had a wonderful professor at Texas Tech University named Juan Granados who was my mentor for 3 years. He taught me valuable lessons in creative motivation and provided me with a “zero gravity” creative atmosphere where everything was possible.

On a more serious note... My best friend Colin passed away last year while driving for a film company in Dallas. Losing Colin was a wake up call for all of our friends and taught me that you might as well just live forever unless you are out pursuing your dreams.


What do like about having a studio at the Millworks?

The “zero gravity” creative environment where anything seems possible.



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