Kenneth Schwoerke

Drawings and paintings, animal subjects and fantasy scenes


artist bio

Kenneth is an artist specializing in both whimsical and fantastical creations. His inspiration comes primarily from cartoons and nature, as well as, mythology and literature. Kenneth attended and graduated from the Art Institute of Houston and Sam Houston State University with degrees in Animation and Graphic Design.

Regardless of the style or subject, the main goal of his art is to make the viewer react emotionally the subject and create his or her own story regarding the image.

Kenneth believes in invoking the viewer's imagination and blurring the line of reality and fantasy. This allows the viewer to connect and react to his work within the frame of his or her experiences, preconceptions, and fantasies. While a well done piece of art may guide or direct a viewer toward a particular reaction or response, the ultimate meaning rests with the individual viewer. Kenneth is originally from Houston and has lived in central Texas for several years. He briefly attended Texas State University. Kenneth enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and reading in his spare time.


Q & A



Tell us something that most people don't know about you?

My parents were told by public school administrators that I would most likely never graduate high school. Without knowing this, I graduated from high school at 16 and went on to earn three degrees - an Associate of Applied Science in Animation Art and Design, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art-Advertising and Graphic Design, and eventually a Master of Science in Counseling. I also briefly attended a PhD program in Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching where I was interested in studying practical applications of art; including the relationships between art and learning across disciplines.



Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything from movies and cartoons to nature and books. Often I find myself reading a book, or listening to a lecture and suddenly being struck with inspiration for a new character or scene.


Why should people check out the Critical Mass Exhibition?

To see amazing art from an extremely talented group of living and breathing artists.



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