Elias Vieyra

Contemporary artist


artist bio

During my ongoing journey as an artist in San Antonio, I've found myself paying close attention to the city I call home. Small details throughout my day are ultimately what brings my works to life. I find inspiration in just about anything that crosses my path, especially life's lessons. My artwork is a combined reflection of who I am as an artist and person. Through my artworks I hope to showcase and communicate the value of creativity as well as the lessons San Antonio has taught me. I invite you to visit my interpretations of my surroundings.


Q & A


Where are you from, originally?

San Antonio, TX


What inspires you to make art?

The lessons I have experienced throughout my life are what mostly inspire me. Aside from these lessons, music and my mentors never fail to give me inspiration to create thoughtful works of art.


What's the top reason to check out the Critical Mass Exhibition?

Great artwork and a great community of artists.



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