Douglas Galloway

Abstract, mixed media paintings using paper, paint and beeswax


artist bio

Douglas Galloway was born from the blood of red dirt, bleached by the west Texas sun and the moss covered cypress that languish in bayous of his boyhood memories. Nudged and teased by the works of Rothko and Kline, his collections of abstract, encaustic, mixed media paintings take root in the dry, parched soil of the Pecos Valley and extend eastward to the canvas of the Creole south. From under layers of wax, paint and wood, memories of Louisiana porch light summers will call to you in whispers and promises wrapped in the eclectic spirituality that defines him; a career artist of over thirty years, as he confronts the moment when danger and beauty become one.


Q & A


Where are you from, originally?

A border town of Louisiana and Texas.


What do like about having a studio at the Millworks?

Having a studio to go to each day if I choose where I can focus my undivided attention on my work. I also enjoy the community and connection to other artists. It is inspiring to be among such a collection of creatives.



What's the top reason to check out the Critical Mass Exhibition?

This show is unique, in that, rarely in San Antonio do you have the opportunity to view such a high caliber of work from a collective of Artist working under one roof. Each Artist has such a unique perspective & vision.



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