Denise Homer-Pintor

Painting, drawing, and different mediums


artist bio

Growing up in a diverse cultural environment along South Texas, Denise was fortunate to have supportive parents that encouraged her love of Art and Manualidades (crafts).

After attending several summer programs learning from old Masters at Bellas Artes de San Luis Potosi in Mexico, she enrolled at the University of Texas in San Antonio in 1983. She minored in Fine Arts and graduated in 1987 with a degree in Political Science. After short stints as a Congressional intern and a few years in Elementary Education, Denise turned her focus to interior design and decorative arts, and spent time traveling and working for custom builders.

25 years later she has embarked on a new artistic program, traveling the back roads of rural America painting images of vintage rusty cars and scenes of rural farm life and fading historical sites.

She is also currently working on several depictions of her own family cultural history by rendering Charros and Escaramuza as they compete in Charreadas. 


Q & A


Where are you from originally?

Brownsville, Texas


What influences have shaped your style, approach and subject matter?

My studio encompasses all sorts of materials, tool boxes filled with all sorts drawing tools, paint brushes to carving tools for religious statue restorations. I have several work spaces, so I really don’t have one primary style.

But I've always been interested in memory and nostalgia.  Much of my work focuses on people and places that bring fond memories. I also like to capture places or scenes that are disappearing, fading from the landscape.  Things I see in my travels of the back roads of Texas and Kansas, but also things I remember from my childhood that are slowly fading from culture. 


What do you like best about having a studio at the Millworks?

The community.


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