David Almaguer

Hand-cut stencils


artist bio

David Almaguer, born in 1976, is a native of San Antonio and a member of the Texas Canons of Proportion.. He has studied art at the University of Texas in San Antonio and Our Lady of the Lake University. Over the last two decade, Almaguer has exhibited his work in different venues in and around the San Antonio area. Using hand-cut stencils and aerosol paint, Almaguer has developed an ability to use iconic images to represent various memories from his childhood.


Q & A


Where are you from, originally?

San Antonio, TX. I was born in a cross-fire hurricane.


How did you find your way to making the art that you make today?

Art has always been a big part of my life even as a child. Later, in college I took formal art classes. But the techniques that I use are primarily self taught.

I started making stencils in 2005. The first Luminaria in 2008 was an important turning point for my art. After that I found a narrative that I wanted to explore -- memories.


What do like about having a studio at the Millworks?

The community.



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