Albert Gonzales



artist bio

Albert Gonzales is a post-contemporary artist based in San Antonio, TX. He is heavily influenced by post- WWII artists like Jackson Pollock, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, but also draws inspiration from the masters like Henri Matisse and Van Gogh.  With this broad range of inspirations, Gonzales’s fine art approaches are visual experiments within composition, style, and technique.  From abstraction to still life to portraits, his art can span multiple genres. 

With bold color palettes, his often “outrageous” paintings are fun and unpredictable. As a great commentator on his own art style, his showmanship brings forth the passion for his art and his need to create. His audience is able to see and feel his dearest dedication to craft.  With his paintings, he hopes to reflect a feeling of liveliness and compassion for the love he has for the visual arts.  Gonzales wants the audience to feel this feeling if only for a second; but touched and moved for a lifetime.

 - Gabriel Delgado


Q & A


Where are you from, originally?

San Antonio, Texas.


Tell us something about your backstory that most people don't know.

I was homeless for about 5 months.  My day would start and I would get on the first bus downtown and try to sell my art on the sidewalk. At the end of the night I would take the last bus to an IHOP where I usually got coffee and sketched till I fell asleep. Every day for me since then is all about creating.


What do like about having a studio at the Millworks?

Having my own creative space to isolate me from the rest of the world.



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